Of Books and Reading by Bhavya

I was four when I held
a book in my hand for
the first time. A collection of fairy tales, read to me by my parents.

I forgot books after that
I was eight when I picked a book again
A heavy read for a eight year old, people would tell me.

I forgot them again
And then I picked up a
book when I was eleven
because I was running out of topics of conversation and needed something new to talk about.

Since then though, I haven’t forgotten books and they are the only thing I remember these days.

My journey of reading books has been interesting. I read stories about a mouse, whose recommended age group was 6-8 till I was twelve.

But since then I changed the way I looked at books.
I, now, look at books like a window to another’s mind or a portal to another world. I am now told that I have a very diverse and interesting collection.

I have interesting habits too when it comes to reading books. I read the last line first. A habit I haven’t seen often in people. I read somewhere that the end is actually the beginning and probably that is where this habit finds its roots.

Life is mundane; life is beautiful, I read today. Books have been an intriguing part of my life. From being the medium of entertainment, a medium of fetching praise to actually being the only thing I know a good deal about.
Books have a fascinating part of this monotonous life.

2 responses to “Of Books and Reading by Bhavya”

  1. Beautifully depicted your love for reading. Keep this habit as it opens the entire world to you. Nicely worded. Proud of you dear girls.

    Liked by 1 person

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