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Of Remembrance and Memories by Bhavya

And what is not
filled with memories, wrote Rilke.
It made me realise that all of us
are actually memories.

We exist in the minds of others
as memories. They associate us with
different events and things.
All of us remember things differently.

Life is a collection of memories,
how there are unalike versions of the
same thing in different memories.
It is how we collect our life.
We constantly try to forget the bad moments
and savour the good ones.

It is fascinating how a random song, a small word
and an aimless conversation can open those vaults in our mind which were long forgotten.
And then that memory takes us on a path which knows no direction.

My earliest memory that I remember
clearly, is of me falling of my bicycle and getting hurt.
My latest memory is talking about
books with my friend. These two events bring up feelings that are totally opposite.

We might forget major things but remember
minor details about something.
How we try to enjoy a moment more when we realise we only get to experience a particular
moment once.

So, I remember,
of random film stars, of friends,
of their family members.
Conversations that took place on any odd school day.
Casual phrases thrown around.
Lyrics to a song.
Very small details about people.

And then I wonder,
does someone think about me when I just exist. When I am not
brought up in conversations.
When I don’t talk to someone.
Is there a memory where I am just there?


3 responses to “Of Remembrance and Memories by Bhavya”

  1. Yours Truely Divit Avatar
    Yours Truely Divit

    wow! Once again the godly twins, have astonished the serpent of dreams. Wow, this one just blew my mind, no not cuz I have to say or compliment about something. It actually blew my mind. Made me wondering, my oldest memore is waking up, getting ready and goin to my nursery where i give a test and get slapped multiple times for not saying the picture of the fruit giving on a book, the fruit was watermelon, I COULDN’T ok😂 (I remember just this single memory crystal clear for some reason) and then after the test us over getting picked up by my grandma and grandpa and leaving home after prolly 3 hrs of crying 😂. My latest memory….is me talking about memories on my two favorite authors/writers blog, duh what a surprise, hehe. But still this is most prolly the best blog you’ve ever, keep it up bro. I know that I’m not more than you, but still I’m proud of you guyz and proud that you my besties☺️. Sooooo, that’s that, a ROUND IF APPLAUSE OF THE TWIN GODDESES OF LITERATURE 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Both of u have a ceative mind and lovely thoughts, amazing collaboration . I wish to god u r always happiness


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