Of Happiness by Bhavya

‘It is so difficult to find something good in a day, so hard to find a source of happiness”, my friend said to me as he sat beside me in class.
“Can’t we create our own source of happiness?”, replied another friend sitting beside me.

When I was about to open my mouth in reply,
the bell rang and all of us rushed towards the school gate.
Those two lines were said sometime in 2019.

These come to my mind
as I sit in my room trying to think about something.
Or simply try to remember a good memory.
And then these lines make me think,
What is happiness, what makes us happy?

As I start to ponder,
I side with my second friend first
that we create our own sources of happiness.
That we seek happiness in the most ordinary moments.

There is only so much of our fate
that we can control, so
why not fill the moments
we can control, with joy.

To try and find joy in
favourite food,
good books,
gripping movies,
mellifluous music,
pointless conversations and
time spent with a friend.

But then I think
how often do we find this origin of
our happiness?
how do we find joy everyday
when sometimes just carrying on
seems like a task?
How often do we have the luxury of finding happiness?

So I try to settle on an opinion
we don’t need to be happy everyday
if we can find joy in inanimate objects then so it be and
when we can not then
there are other days to be happy.

2 responses to “Of Happiness by Bhavya”

  1. Hello Bhavya!
    It’s really good to see you writing so well. Life is all about plucking small moments of happiness.
    Keep it up!!!


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