Of Words and Thoughts by Bhavya

Words are life, wrote Marcus Zusak in The Book Thief. And I believe they are all our life encompasses of. Dictionaries define a word as a single meaningful element of speech. Meaning. Something we all look for in our life.

How do we try to give our life meaning? Through emotions. Many describe feelings as irrational, many describe it as the only rational. But all of us use the same thing to express our feelings, words. Words transcend the boundaries of reason and logic.

We are what our thoughts are. We are filled with our own thoughts and constantly consumed by them. Thoughts give way to our perception and we use words to make them comprehensible. Words make sense of things around us.

Do not words hold a significant amount of weight in our life? Don’t we depend on them? I believe words can change our perception, towards something or someone. How one word, just one word or one sentence can entirely change the way you think.

Words have moved me. They have changed the way I look at life and people. I have read a few words or sentences and have thought about them for days. Words have created shifts in me.

But when I think about words and how they are expressed, I also think about what we don’t make known to anyone. It is odd that we bring out the least of what we think about the most. What of all those words left unsaid? What of the life contained in those?

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