Of Understanding by Bhavya

“How are you?
Are you okay?
If you want to talk, I am there. Always.”

These sentences have been a part of conversations I have had with my friends recently and they have sprung up more often than I had imagined. My friends ask me why do I ask them such questions, I don’t really know. But there is a simple reason, I want to understand them. I want to know how they feel.

It is crushing, being human. The weight is too much, it is not like we can pass it to someone or we can share this weight because we haven’t understood it. All this feels too much sometimes, being human. The burden of being human can’t be neglected.

I want to understand people around me because of the unpredictability and unbearability of being. I want to understand them because we aren’t in control. I want to understand them because I don’t want to pretend. I want to understand them because words sometimes aren’t enough to express what we feel; even to those who care about us.

It is a rare occurrence, to be able to understand someone else, when most of the time, all of this doesn’t even make sense to ourselves. To comprehend what someone else is feeling, when we can barely do it ourselves.

All of us need someone to understand us. To understand our silences but also the noises inside our head. To understand the invisible weight on our shoulders. To understand things that we can’t describe. To understand words that can’t be spoken.

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