1096 Days Later by Bhavya

Early 2019:

I had to change schools. Again. A turn in the road of my destiny, I had to face my fortune of changing schools again. As much as I would like to give this exercise the narration I have written above, I don’t think it is destiny, it is a routine transfer.

I would be attending class 8 in what would now be my 8th school. As someone who likes the comfort of one place and dislikes change to a certain extent, I have got a good share of changes in my life.

And I had somewhat adjusted to these changes so much so that they seemed nothing else than what they really were, routine. Something that had to happen. The activity of changing schools is a river in the map of my life. The river flows and I have to swim. I didn’t have any specific feelings about the transfer, I just felt happy that I was returning to the city I loved the most.

Abki baar, school change karo yaar.

When my family relocates, among accommodation and other things, an important facet remains: the school that my twin sister and I attend.

My parents were thinking about it with a lot of practical thought and deliberation and I wholeheartedly supported their pursuit by not paying any attention to what they were discussing and just replying with my languid ‘yes’ or a very assertive no at every other suggestion.

My sister and I were very hopeful that we would join the school we used to attend when we were in the same city a few years back. But somehow all four of us reached a consensus of joining a new school.


When you step into a new school, or attend the first day of your school after a break, You feel a rush of emotions. From nervousness to excitement, from the slight sadness of leaving home after such a long time to the sheer joy of meeting your friends again.

When I stepped into my new school, I felt nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. No anxiousness but no relaxation either. Just devoid of feelings. Just there. I have a thought about what made me feel this way.

Maybe it is like what is written in the book Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. When you experience something fully, you can become detached from the emotions revolving around it. I had been through this particular feeling so many times that now I felt nothing.

15 March 2019 : Waqt Hai Badlaav Ka

15 March 2019, 6:45 in the morning,

My twin sister and I stepped into our school, not for the first time, we had been there a few times before, we had an orientation the day before which made us somewhat familiar with the working of the school.

We reached the assembly ground at 6:45 and the actual arrival time was 7:20. We are very punctual people. This is punctuality, not the lack of it.

Queues of other students started forming around us. For the whole assembly, we were the only ones in our row. But in the classroom there were 8 students including both of us.

Kaun ho tum?

The quintessential question asked to every new kid. Kaun ho tum (who are you?). You generally reply with your name but that makes little sense since nobody knows you. The addition of which class you study in might help but let’s be honest, you ask 10 people for directions before you can locate your class.

Ye Toh Alag Hai

Generally, when you are the new kid, everyone else knows everyone but nobody knows you. Here, there was a whole section of new kids. That, I think, turned out to be a boon. But I saw something unique here. There were 8 students, who were in a very unfamiliar place and anyone would probably try to assuage a situation like this by talking to people they know felt the same.

The eight people there seemed very oblivious of each other’s presence and spent the whole day staring out of the window and almost as if in an automated fashion replied to what the teacher said.

This was my first day at school.

Time passes, quite fast.

It has been three years since that day. Three years since I first attended the school I like the most. Two of these years were spent behind a laptop screen. But the one year I actually spent there, I have no words to describe it. If I look for one word, it would be life-changing.

The three years here have given me the most wonderful friends, the most interesting conversations, the most delicious food, the most enjoyable moments and the most enlightening experiences.

I remember my life here in intricate detail, almost as clear as day. My fondness for these days rests on my remembrance. I often wonder if I would change something about my first day here, but some things remain beautiful as they are.

1096 days later, this is how I feel.

6 responses to “1096 Days Later by Bhavya”

  1. This….is the most beautiful blog… actually the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read in my entire life. And no, not saying as a formality, you Guyz know it very well I never speak formality, i always speak my heart. I love it. Wow, I’m impressed.


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